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How to Get a ESTA Visa the Quickest Way

If you have intentions on going to the United States of America, you should be prepared with getting your ESTA visa. If you have an ESTA visa, you will know longer have to acquire a US visa to get into the country.

To start applying for an ESTA, you have complete the requirements first. Once you have the requirements on-hand, it will be easier for you to go through the next steps. There are various web sites that handle ESTA visa applications. Once your visa application is granted, you will no longer have to apply for it again because it never expires. ESTA visa holders have more chances of entering the United States than others.

ESTA Visa Factors

The first thing you should do before applying for ESTA is to know if your country is authorized to handle ESTA visa waiver programs.

You should not apply for an ESTA visa if you intend to stay in America for above three months. The success of your visa application will largely depend on the purpose of your trip. You will fill out the reason of your trip on the application form.

Getting a passport should be done prior to any ESTA visa application. Your passport will be scanned to start the process of your visa.

You should start searching for an authorized website that processes ESTA visa applications once your requirements are on-hand. Most immigration agencies already have their own websites for more convenient processing. You must check ESTA approved web pages before submitting your application.

You will get a priority number once you have passed your visa request online. Your priority number is your ticket to the interview that you will have to go through for the visa application. If it is still your first trip to the US, you need to answer a number of security questions. Remember that you will be refused with a visa if you fail to answer the security questions correctly. Remember that the approval of your visa is not the end of your application.

For a better chance of approval for you visa application, you must prepare a number of things beforehand. One of the most important things you should have is your passport. You need to have your flight tickets ready for the interview as evidence of the reason of your stay in the US. To prove your financial stability, you will need to bring your bank statement. You can check on the ESTA status of your application through the same website you applied it from.

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