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Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship.

While most people in relationships still find their partners attractive, they are not in a healthy relationship. These rose-tainted glasses have led to many people staying in the unhealthy relationship. Here are signs of the unhealthy relationship that you might be in, which you should come out of and find the loving and healthy relationship that you deserve.

The control with kindness is probably the best place to start as this is one of the most indirect signs that your relationship is unhealthy. There is a different kind of control, other than through fear and violence, the control by partners using your weaknesses. Whether or not they are the source of your happiness, the best partners will make sure that you are better and happy. Another sign that your relationship is unhealthy is when there is emotional blame and you the partners is technically an emotional vampire. These are the kind of people that stonewall you whenever you attempt to discuss any problem, and never empathize with the emotions that you have.

Clingy coddling, as many people may not know, is never a sign of love and the partners may be even manipulation you. They will, for instance, make you feel guilty about spending time with other people which in turn makes you too isolated and depend on their company.

There are also the ones that use the unspoken standards to control you and create some power struggle. If your partner is trying to change you by trying to convince you that they know what is best, what you want and need then you should consider that an unhealthy relationship. If they express issues with their other pats relationship, then this is also a sign. Many people do not know that there is a difference between advice that is helpful, and people using the trust that you have in them to manipulate the decisions that you make.

Another red flag is when they are always angry. While the small fights and arguments may seem petty now, they can damage or strain relations and you should be able to talk and solve them as adults. Emotional manipulations are bad, and this is where they try to make you stay because they need you not want you. Balance of power and trust are two main pillars of a healthy relationship. These are among the unhealthy relationship red flags that you should watch out for.

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