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Why you Need a Balance Board for your Standing Desk

In most offices, work makes people end up sitting for the most part of a day. This explains the popularity of standing desks. It has come to their attention that their prolonged sitting comes with backaches and other health issues. A standing desk shall make the most sense when you also add on a balance board. This is a long flat platform to stand on, with a rounded bottom, which needs you to work your muscles to remain balanced. You will afford certain advantages when you go for it.

This is a good solution for lower back pain. Prolonged sitting causes your spinal disks and muscles to be too compressed. You will also end up slumping forward, which is not good for your neck, shoulders, arms, and legs. Standing helps get rid of all that stress and pressure. Prolonged standing is also not ideal either, as the pressure will also be on the spinal disks. A balance board complements the desk by adding movement to the setup, for your benefit.

This is also how you engage muscles in your body you do not normally do. Offices are known for making you lose muscle tone and also gain weight, seeing as there is not much physical exertion needed. Balance boards add some physical exertion, without taking you away from your work. You will not have to sit for too long and lose the function of certain muscle groups. The end result is a better body posture, better weight distribution, as well as a healthier body with all muscle groups firing.

As your body feels and gets better, so will your productivity improve. This shall save you from being bored of lethargic. When you are fitter, you can handle stress and fatigue much better, as you also experience both less and less. It shall also no longer be necessary for you to take more breaks to stretch and walk about. That means more time working.

You will also benefit mentally from this product. You shall remain alert, as your body is handling multiple activities at once. When you sit and all you have to do is stare at a screen, your body shall shut down, making you less alert. It becomes even worse after taking lunch when digestion makes you even more relaxed and sleepy.

This also happens to be a more fun approach to working in an office. Balance boards add that dimension to the desk. Without it, most people resort to their sitting desks in no time. You do not get to think along those lines. You will be lost in using it to think of such a move.

There are even more uses to a standing desk. This site is a good place to check them out.

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