Library Planning Small Branch In New $6 Million Avondale YFD Center

The library is planning a small branch in the city’s new $6 million Avondale Youth and Family Development Center.

Corrinne Hill, library director, said it would be 2,000 square foot. The closest thing to the new branch is the St. Elmo one, with 9,000 square feet.

Ms. Hill said the branch will be geared toward the community it serves and have a professional staff member and other employees from the local community.

She said it will have a selection of books as well as computers for public use. There will also be regular “fun and creative” programs.

Cost of outfitting the branch library is $387,000, including equipment, materials and staffing.

Ms. Hill said the library is also planning some programming at the remodeled Miller Park, which is across South Broad Street from the main branch.