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Various Signs Of Heart Attacks

There are some many people suffering from heart attacks, but they are not even aware what causes heart attack, heart attack commonly known as myocardial infarction is caused by blockage of the flow of blood such that there is a little or no blood is reaching your heart at a given time space. There are several causes of blockage of blood flow but the most common known cause is the buildup of plaque in one’s coronary artery. A plaque which is simply a buildup fats as well as cholesterol, breaks up forming blood clot which then interferes with proper flow of blood to your heart. There are many factors that may make one be bound to suffering a heart attack and related challenges but the common ones are age as well as family’s history about heart attacks where if there are cases where other family members are prone to have heart attacks then their siblings and following generations might be venerable for the same condition. The following are various signs that will help a person to know whether a particular patient is suffering from a heart attack.

Presence Of Distresses In One’s Chest

In most cases, people suffering from heart attacks and related disorders have reportedly said that they have a lot of chest pains as well as discomforts. It is most noticed that when one suffers from heart attacks, the most common signs are chest pains that mostly experienced in the center of one’s chest, this pains, however, varies from one person to the other. Several people suffering from heart attack have said that these chest pains at times will come and go and if they happen to return then they are more intense and more irritating than before and therefore that the need of seeking a doctors attention as earlier as possible when these kinds of pains are noted to avoid further damage or death because heart attacks are at times fatal. These chest pains and discomforts feels like presence of uncomfortable pressure or some squeezing, there have been other cases where patients have said that they feel like fullness.

Shortness Of Breath

There are several conditions that are attributed to shortness of breath, however in cases of heart attack, shortness of breath is accompanied with intense chest pains as well as fatigue in women. The heart pump blood so that it circulates the body providing tissues with their basic requirements, when blood clots and clogs the arteries, therefore, interrupts with flow of blood to various tissues and organs such as the lung, when the supply of blood to the lungs is limited then there must be accompanied difficulties in breathing.

Feeling Dizzy

Dizziness is another sign of heart attack, it primarily affects women in cases of heart attack; therefore, get ideas on how to use an aed. Upon noticing above signs, it is still vital to seek medical help in time to avoid further damage or even death, heart attacks at times are fatal.