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How Often to Change Your Toothbrush

The American Dental Association records show that a person is supposed to brush teeth not less than twice in a day with the application of fluoride toothpaste. Besides, changing of toothbrush should be done on a regular basis because it wears out. These preventive tips discussed in this article should be well understood to discover how to keep teeth healthy.

One of the main reasons as to why you are advised to keep on changing your toothbrush is the decrease in efficacy. The moment the bristles wear out getting into the difficult corners of the teeth becomes impossible. As a result your teeth will have food leftovers particles that might lead to plaque and also gum disease. Also, it is easy for bacteria to grow on bristles.

The general rule says that one should dispose of a toothbrush after three months of use. However, this depends on how often one uses the toothbrush. You need to look at the bristles to see if they are bent to easily know the right time to change the toothbrush. Also, you can move your tongue around your teeth immediately after brushing to feel if clean slippering feeling is present.

You should read these preventive tips to know how to ensure your teeth are healthy. One of these preventive tips is the application of fluoride toothpaste. There is a difference in toothpaste’ flavors and formulations. The toothpaste you will choose is not an issue what matters is the presence of fluoride. Fluoride helps prevent teeth from decaying by getting rid of germs and coating your teeth via a protective barrier.

Flossing is among these preventive tips. Beside brushing, flossing is recommendable because it helps in removing the food particles left between your teeth which can results in plaque and inflammation if not removed.

You are recommended that using mouthwash is essential. The use of mouthwash is not as effectual as the use of floss although it helps in a number of ways such as decreasing the acid in one’s mouth and re-mineralizing the teeth, preventing the buildup of the plaque on gums and teeth and fight against decaying of teeth.

You should also consider visiting your dentist. It is possible for your tooth to decay even if you brush regularly thus you should make a decision of visiting your dentist at least twice per year.

The last thing on these preventive tips is paying attention to how you usually brush. You should not rush while brushing make sure you take enough time. You need to brush while moving your brush in a circular style. To get rid of dental problems you must incorporate these preventive tips.