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Benefits That Come With Attending Church

According to a study carried out by a research center by the name pew research shows that about three third of the American population are Christians. A small percent of the Christian does not believe in the existence of God. Although the most significant population are Christian the number of those attending church is reducing daily. One will surprise to know that there are benefits that an individual stands to enjoy when they attend church. To get the benefits, one should read the article below.

The level of social support improves when an individual goes to church. It is normal that a human being is a social being and need to interact. The Parkway Fellowship is one of the gatherings that are formed in the church. The unions has strong ties whereby the member are brother keepers, and they monitor the welfare of each member. In the times when one of the members need their help, they will join together and support them. They also practice what the Bible teaches them about sharing.

When an individual goes to the church they are taught teachings as the Bible teaches, some of the teachings helps in improving the quality of life of an individual. Having sex out of a marriage and abusing drug is immoral as per the Bible. The same thing that the Bible condemns the doctor will advise the member of Parkway Fellowship to avoid those behaviors so that they can live well. The individual will listen to the same teaching until they know that some of the things they need to avoid.

Do you know that when an individual attends the church, they increase the power of their brain. The teachings that are given in the church will need the members of the church including the Parkway Fellowship to imagine of those things being talked about. The Bible talks about God; therefore, the individual believes that God existent without seen him. It is not easy to have the image of God in the mind the members of Parkway Fellowship tend to improve their power of the mind by having that image. The individual will have a chance to know the things that are beyond their boundary. The people who wrote the books of the Bible come from different places and to get the message that they were passing one will need some level of intelligence.

It is believed that those who attend church live longer than the others. In the Parkway Fellowship one is taught how to live happily by ensuring that nothing is disturbing them. When an individual does not have anything in their mind or heart worrying them they will have a good sleep. The women in the Parkway Fellowship who went to church twice per week had a chance to live more than their counterparts.